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Texas Tech Early Music Ensemble: Photos

Reynaldo Patino, rebec; Corey Green, vielle
Aaron Michaelson and the bass gamba
Nate Logee. Tim Algate, Aaron Michaelson, Roxanne Ng, Kendra Shute, Bridgette Mireles, Kelli Rohlman, Angela Mariani, Ryan Best, Justin Montgomery, Christopher Walls
Roxanne Ng
The Low F Team (pictured: Justin Montgomery, Chris Walls)
Ryan Best, Justin Montgomery, Christopher Walls
Angela Mariani with plastic Yamaha recorder
Charles Mason, Kendra Shute, Kelli Rohlman
Yes, even guys with baseball caps read neumes (pictured: Charles Mason)

Guest Artists / Workshops

Norbert Rodenkirchen and Benjamin Bagby
Wendy Gillespie
Jostein Gundersen
Bernard Gordillo
Kim Pineda
Elizabeth Ronan-Silva
Pablo Champion (sans theorbo)
Chatham Baroque

Instrument Gallery

Roger Burnell with crumhorn
Lauren Joiner with shawm
medieval lute built by Timothy G. Johnson
Aaron Michaelson, Todd Moore, Aaron Hopkins, Michelle Jones and violas da gamba
vielle and bow (and Reynaldo's hand)
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